Confetti Dreamers is the result of a 10-year journey that started with a creative spark, a dose of discontent, and a nudge that wouldn’t go away.

My blog post Say What? You’re Autistic? shares a bit of my story.

From my humble point of view, everything (EVERYTHING) is connected. Think Butterfly Effect or the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

As someone who does a lot of self-reflecting, all of my life experiences are interconnected and relate to where I am today. I recently discovered that I am an orthogonal thinker, which means my brain continuously looks for connections, even between seemingly unrelated topics.

Below are some visual representations of what I’ve learned about myself:

  • I have a clear cyclical pattern of Autistic burnout, due to masking and other ‘uncurrents.’
  • And, yet… I have found ways to stitch together the connectionsmy lessons learnedto discover and embrace my authentic self.
  • This journey has blessed me with the gift of contentment.

Despite feeling vulnerable, I share this with you because you too can find contentment by embracing your authentic self and living through color.